Who we are...

David Borden, 

Artist / Entrepreneur

This studio is a dream that now has a brick and mortar home that I can share with you.  My hope is that this once abandoned building will become a hub for creativity: working studio, gallery space, classroom, and place to hang out with a glass of wine on the porch during a warm summer night.

I've always worked out of my home studio, showing my works at galleries, fairs, booth shows, and on-line. I came to Florence to escape Austin's mad dash into unaffordability for artists. Everyone from City Hall to the Chamber of Commerce to people I've met in town have been welcoming and friendly. I was able to purchase an abandoned gas station (that maybe I should have torn down if I'd been smarter) and renovate it. The building itself is a living, evolving art project...

Reclaiming Our Humanity with Art: The Manifesto

We believe that art plays a significant role in enriching our lives, shaping our societies, and contributing to our collective understanding of what it means to be human. We envision a world in which we embrace the creation of art as an inalienable right, alongside the rights to life and liberty. In other words, making art should not be a privilege for a small elite, but a common practice that benefits the many.

Visual arts, such as painting, drawing, sculpture, and other forms of artistic expression, can be deeply connected with mindfulness. Mindfulness is a state of non-judgmental awareness of the present moment, where one is fully present and engaged in the experience without being consumed by thoughts of the past or worries about the future. When applied to visual arts, mindfulness involves being fully present with the creative process, paying attention to the colors, shapes, textures, and other sensory aspects of the artistic experience, without getting caught up in thoughts, judgments, or distractions.

David Borden is an award winning artist and writer from Texas. He's been featured in the Austin Chronicle and on HGTV. 


portrait by David Borden, artist
Paining of a monkey by David Borden, artist
David Borden working on a painting at his easel

David painting in his old studio.

Panoramic painting of 5th Street, Austin, Texas

Fifth Street, Austin Texas. Oil on Canvas. sold

Traditional Block Printmaking

To create a traditional block print, I carve the design into wood or linoleum,  ink the plate, then transfer the image to paper by pressing. 

Left: Celtic Cross. Two blocks are used. One for each color.

Right: Stag beetles and Dragonflies.