Greeting Cards

Hand-Printed Cards

two zebra heads in the foreground with red background


a charging purple buffalo

Charging Purple Buffalo

Black cat ready to pounce. Art by David Borden

Black Cat

Flying Cicada greeting card by Artist David Borden

Flying Cicada

Blue Jay greeting card by Artist David Borden

Blue Jay

Greeting card with "Love you to the Moon" and image of the Moon by Ruby Borden

Love you to the Moon (Design by Ruby Borden)

Block print image of a Griffin by Artist David Borden


A blat flying across the sky, art by David Borden


Have you ever wondered how printing was done hundreds of years ago? David demonstrates the traditional technique for making hand printed cards from a carved block. Watch the video...


Hand printed cards

$5 each

3 for $14 (savings $1)

Box of 10 for $45.00 (savings of $5)

One-of-a-Kind Cards by Ruby

$7 each