girl drawing in sketchbook

girl drawing in sketchbook 12 x 12, oil on panels

woman holding up her arms and showing her muscles

Strength 5 x 7, oil on panel

smiling woman with flowers in her hair

Woman with flowers 7 x 5, oil on panel

portrait of man with beard

Man with Beard 5 x 7, oil on panel

Portrait Commissions

Pictures are priced by the square inch. In this way you can calculate the prices and everything is transparent. I use popular, standard sizes, but if you want a custom size, I can do that, too. Sizing is in inches.

The smallest portrait I’ll do is 4 x 4. This is the only size that the formula does not apply. A 4 x 4 portrait is $75.00. At this size you can only get one subject.

Portrait Pricing

For all other sizes, my current rate is $2.98 per square inch. For example, if you are interested in an 8 x 10 painting, you would calculate the square inches: 8 x 10 = 80, then multiply by $2.98 = $238.40

9 x 12 is the smallest size in which you can add a second subject. Additional subjects are $100 at 9 x 12. For example, 9 x 12 = 108 square inches, multiply by $2.98 = $321.84 + $100 = $421.84

At 16 x 20 to 30 x 40 there is no additional charge for a second subject.

Prices for portraits with more than 2 subjects will be negotiated and will vary depending on complexity.


For all other painting pricing, contact David at david@impossibledreamstudio or visit the studio in Florence, Texas.

landscape painting of a street with a park and buildings with a 180 degree view

5th Street 10 x 84, oil on linen: SOLD

painting of trees in fall colors

Blanco River 36 x 24, oil on canvas: SOLD

painting of a windblown tree without leaves

Urban Tree in Winter, 18 x 24 oil on canvas


four paintings of blue jays

Blue Jays, 5 x 7 each, oil on panel

$70 each

portrait painting of a monkey

Monkey, 4 x4 oil on panel