Your Impossible Dream Here

Your Own Pop-Up Store

"Dreams really do come true... I rented the Studio for to do my own art and run classes. The location and lighting are great. It's a place to meet new and accomplished artists... a real creative hub in Florence." --Lisa Riley

Now is the time to realize your dream at the Impossible Dream Studio. You can rent the building to run as your own store at low-cost and low-risk. Have you looked into commercial rental prices? Holy Cow! Who can afford to invest that kind of money in a new venture when you're just starting out?

The Impossible Dream Studio is available for rent on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

What Kind of Businesses Make Great Pop-Ups?

Retail and Services businesses are best. Some examples are below:

  • Teach a class

    • Music, art, crafts, how to speak "Pirate", watch repair, etc...



  • Retail store or boutique

    • Do you design clothes or jewelry?

  • Sell prepackaged, cottage industry foods (in accordance with State of Texas rules)

    • Test the market for your baked goods, pickles, herbal teas, cakes, etc...

  • Rehearsal and Performance space

    • your garage rock band needs a place to rock out, dance group, etc...

  • Seasonal Store

    • Halloween decorations, Christmas ornaments, etc...

  • Yoga studio

  • Art gallery (solo or group show)

  • Non-profit or charity work

  • Other...

What about a Café?

Sorry, currently the building does not have the infrastructure to support Williamson Co. kitchen permit. But that doesn't mean you can't sell pre-packaged foods, such as those outlined in the Texas Cottage Industry Law.

Ready to take your Bible study group to the Next level?

Have you and your small fellowship ever wished you could open your own church, however, you are too small to afford to rent or buy your own building? What are you waiting for? Rent the Impossible Dream Studio every Sunday (or other day / evening) for once per week gatherings.

The Dream is in your Grasp

For $35 each Sunday, you can have a space to meet, pray, meditate, and even use the patio for an after service pot-luck. If you only have 7 people, and each donates $5, you can have 1000 square feet, plus a patio. What a low risk way to start your church. You don't have to be set up as a 501c3 non-profit.

This is your moment to step out of the past and create what you want.

All faiths and beliefs welcome... so long as they are lawful in the state of Texas.

A pastor preaches to American colonists

Pop Up Churches are an American Tradition

Why is it so Affordable?

I was lucky enough to finally achieve my impossible dream of opening my own art studio. Artists and entrepreneurs have to struggle to get started, especially when it comes to retail space. The costs are prohibitive. I want to help others try out their dreams in a low-risk environment.

Also, the building doesn't have telephone or internet service. In addition there's no central heat and air. I pass all of these savings on to you... call it an analogue dividend!

Standard Lease agreement.

Cost Sheet

Monthly Rental (month to month):

$1000 per month

Weekly Rental (week to week):

$280 per week

One Day per Week Rental (one month minimum)

$35 per day / $140 per month (for months with four weeks)

For example, you use the building all day every Tuesday. (any day except for Saturday. I reserve Saturday for my use.)

One Time, One Day Rental (midnight to midnight, one day only):


Weekend Rental (Saturday and Sunday)


Refundable security deposit $280 for all rentals, except monthly, which is one month's rent: $1000.

Man teaching his apprentice how to make shoes

Shoemaker and apprentice.

Pop-Up Store Help fees:

These fees all depend on what services you need. After a quick consultation, I'll send you an estimated cost, depending on how much or how little help you really need. Free consultation. $100 minimum for any services rendered.

Pop Up Store Help

So, you make the most delicious pickles ever made, but you don't quite know how to do all the things to get started. No problem. Let me help. I can assist with some of the things you may need to take care of before you open your pop up store. Below is a list of few examples:

  • Help filing for a Tax and Use permit from the State of Texas (sales tax)

  • Set up a basic website, so people can learn about you on-line

  • Give you tips on developing a marketing campaign on Facebook and other social media

  • Assistance setting up an account with Square, so you can accept credit cards

  • Other tips of the trade and wisdom I've picked up along the way...

Ready to Learn more or Book your spot:

Email David at

or Call: 512-917-9231